April 21 2018

Successful panel session at Abergavenny Writing Festival

March 29 2018

Gulls accepted for June issue of Acumen. Also work accepted for Tears in the Fence, The Bangor Literary Journal

February  27 2018

Poem Gulls shortlisted for Acumen.

Lengthy feature on Rhys Davies due in Wales Arts Review and incorporating a review of the new Selected Stories published by Parthian in its Library of Wales catalogue.

January 28 2018

Story called Spectres of Innocence accepted for next issue of The Ghastling (had one in there already). So difficult to write ghost stories that are not arch/clever.

December 19 2017

Features in Wales Arts Review on the drawbacks on social media and the change of newspapers to tabloid format.

December 6 2017

Due to take part next April in a joint session with Cath Barton and poet Rhiannon Hoosonat the 2018 Abergavenny Writing Festival. Details later. Cath won the New Welsh Review/ novella award in 2017, Rhiannon a Seren author.

December 5 2017

Templar to publish a short fiction pamphlet of mine in 2018 called A Gloucester Trilogy.

December 3 2017

Latest theatre, music and polemic in Arts Scene in Wales and Wales Arts Review, as follows:


November 27

Sam Smith accepts my short poem Sylvia’s Eleventh Hour for his magazine The Journal.

November 25 2017

At Glenside campus of University of West of England to visit the museum. The building was the former Glenside Psychiatric Hospital and in the Great War the patients were removed to accommodate casualties from the Front. Museum takes in all this history. Stanley Spencer spent time at the hospital as an orderly.

November 7 2017

A lot of my previous News posts have mysteriously disappeared. No matter. I have a story called Light appearing in Tears in the Fence in February, and another, Onslaught, in the online Galway Review. The latter will be appearing in the GR’s print issue, also due in the new year. Others awaiting decisions. Meanwhile, second novel has reached 66,700 words.



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