Geek defeats a Trojan

My trusty laptop succumbed to a virus called ‘Great’, an app downloaded unwittingly on the back – or the underbelly – of Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox, which I’ve uninstalled because they’ve given me nothing but grief.
    The Great Savings mob cleverly arranged matters so that their little parasite (virus, parasite – they’re all nasties) remained in place. It creates unbidden pop-up ads, slows down the work-rate of Word and – worst of all – picks out and underlines in blue selected words and phrases in my website’s texts.  Click on the blue words and they take you to some unconnected site. For example, ‘fuel’ takes you to ‘Fuel your day with Weetabix’.
     No thanks.
    The online community, bless them, has ways of dealing with such intrusions but I’m worried that one or two sites might be Great Savings masquerading as something genuine and useful. Anyway, I found one that works.
     Go to Tools on your browser’s tool bar and click on Manage Add-ons. You’ll see a list of applications marked as Enabled or – rarely – Disabled.  Click on Great Savings, which will be marked Enabled, then click the Disable box. Watch the little worm writhe. 
     However, the varmint is still embedded, albeit disarmed. There’s a way of removing it manually but it looks complicated; one of the community says you could do something harmful to the computer if you don’t get the surgery right. But at the moment I’m blue-free.
     Writers shouldn’t have to be arsed with this nerdy stuff. It’s the old-tech equivalent of becoming entangled and inky-fingered while changing a typewriter ribbon.
     Never mind. Watch this space.


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