Hello. Welcome to my website.

I’ve been a journalist for many years, mainly on a daily newspaper. I now try to write books, having won the Rhys Davies Prize for short fiction and, in November 2016, the Templar Shorts award. One of them, a collection of short stories called Funderland, was published by Parthian in 2011/12 to enthusiastic reviews in the Guardian, the Independent on Sunday, The Times, and others. Parthian brought out my first collection of poetry, Miners At The Quarry Pool, in November 2013.  A novel of mine, Slowly Burning, about a former Fleet Street hack washed up on a Welsh provincial weekly paper, was published in March, 2016, by Dr Gareth John and his wonderful GG Books. It’s a literary work with strong commercial possibilities (that’s what it says here; see News section to order).  In July, 2015, I signed a contract with go-ahead ‘indie’ publisher Cultured Llama, based in Kent, for the publication of my second story collection, Who Killed Emil Kreisler?, in the latter half of 2016.  The story that won me the Rhys Davies Prize, Mrs Kuroda on Penyfan, is included in the Library of Wales’s two-volume anthology of 20th and 21st century Welsh short fiction. I was commissioned by the Wales Arts Review and the Rhys Davies Trust to write a story based on one of the older tales in the anthology. The result was Miss Mercedes Gleitze, after Bert Coombes’s Twenty Tons Of Coal, and it was published just before Christmas 2015. I’m always scribbling something or other and am now working on a second novel, provisionally titled The Newhaven Foxes. I’ve also written a semi-fictional memoir of my time at an iron foundry, Forged In The Fire, and a first (unpublished) novel called Piersfield. I’m writing now and then for the online Wales Arts Review. Google ‘Nigel Jarrett Wales Arts Review’ and you’ll reach my author’s page, with some of my deathless prose listed. Once a writer, always a writer, even though writing is bloody hard work.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I like it! A very “clean” look and feel. How about a photo? So the course was a success? By the way, you’ve got two ands in the last sentence above. Sorry! CJ xx

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